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Table7. Basic clinical techniques

ClassificationBasic clinical techniques
General procedurePosition change, transfer
General procedureSkin antisepsis
General procedureApplication of topical medications
General procedureAirway suction
General procedureNebulizer
General procedureVenous blood sampling
General procedurePeripheral venous catheterization
General procedureInsertion and extraction of nasogastric tube
General procedureInsertion and extraction of urinary catheter
General procedureIntradermal injection
General procedureSubcutaneous injection
General procedureIntramuscular injection
General procedureIntravenous injection
Examination techniqueUrinalysis (including pregnancy test)
Examination techniqueMicrobiological testing (including gram staining)
Examination techniqueRecording of a 12-lead ECG
Examination techniqueRapid bedside ultrasound (including FAST) for clinical decision-making
Examination techniqueRapid antigen/pathogen testing
Examination techniqueBlood glucose test
Surgical procedureAseptic technique
Surgical procedureSurgical hand washing
Surgical procedureGowning techniques in the operating room
Surgical procedureBasic sutures and suture removal