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Table2-16. Psychiatry

SymptomsAltered mental status
SymptomsCognitive dysfunction
Methods of examinationQuestionnaire/validated scales
Methods of examinationBrief psychiatric rating scale (BPRS)
Methods of examinationHamilton depression rating scale
Methods of examinationBeck depression inventory
Methods of examinationState-trait anxiety inventory (STAI)
Methods of examinationMini-mental state examination (MMSE)
Methods of examinationHasegawa’s dementia scale, revised (HDS-R)
Methods of examinationElectroencephalogram
Methods of examinationDiagnostic imaging of brain (CT, MRI, SPECT, etc.)
Specific therapiesPsychotherapy
Specific therapiesPsychopharmacotherapy
Specific therapiesApplication of the Act on Mental Health and Welfare for the Mentally Disabled (May 1, 1950), and the Act on Medical Care and Treatment for Persons Who Have Caused Serious Cases Under the Condition of Insanity (July 10, 2003)
Specific therapiesLiaison psychiatry