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Table2-14. Ocular and visual system

Structure and functionStructure of the eye and associated appendages
Structure and functionReceptive mechanisms of conduction pathways for the visual cortex
Structure and functionMechanism of eye movement
Structure and functionFunction of the light reflex, accommodation reflex, and corneal reflexes
SymptomsVertigo and dizziness
SymptomsNausea and vomiting
SymptomsVision impairment
SymptomsVisual field defect
SymptomsEye movement disorders
SymptomsEye discharge and conjunctival hyperemia
SymptomsEye floaters
SymptomsEye pain
Methods of examinationVisual acuity test
Methods of examinationVisual field test
Methods of examinationSlit-lamp examination
Methods of examinationTonometry (intraocular pressure measurement)
Methods of examinationFundoscopy
Specific therapiesLaser treatment