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Table2-3. Dermatological system

Structure and functionTissue structure of skin
Structure and functionCellular dynamics of the skin, and mechanisms of keratinization
Structure and functionProtective immunity of the skin
SymptomsSkin rash (erythema, purpura, pigmented macules, papule, nodule, mass, blister, pustule, cysts, erosions, ulcers, telangiectasia, sclerosis, scarring, atrophy, scaling, crusting, lichenification, gangrene)
SymptomsMucocutaneous eruption
Methods of examinationSkin testing (diascopy, dermographia (Darier’s sign), Nikolsky’s sign, Tzanck test, photosensitivity testing)
Methods of examinationAllergy skin testing (skin prick test, skin injection test, patch test)
Methods of examinationMicrobiological testing (specimen collection method, skin lesion potassium hydroxide (KOH) exam)
Methods of examinationDermoscopy
Specific therapiesTopical dermatological therapy
Specific therapiesCryotherapy
Specific therapiesPhototherapy (PUVA)